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This morning

The drive to work this morning was interesting.  Around here, the sun is just now starting to come up late enough that it’s rising just about the time I make the drive across the river and into Oklahoma.   Most of the time, I watch the sunrise through my rear-view mirror.  Today, there were lightning-shot lead gray clouds out to the west.  The sunrise had […]

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Frustration is discovering that you’ve lost the 75 page start of a book that you wrote last summer, right when you were feeling motivated to work on it.   I’m  . . . going to go . . . wash something.

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Lather, Rinse, Repeat

 Received my rejection from Andromeda.  That was fast.  Time to send the story out again.   Received confirmation that my WOTF submission is in.  Now to wait until December for word from them. Wrote another 250 words today of the Ghost Writer story.   And on a fannish note: My Supernatural Season 2 DVD’s have been here […]

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Procrastination = no writing done

I should have written something yesterday.  I had all day.   Instead I cleaned house, and mowed the lawn, and weeded the herb garden, and mulched the flower beds, and . . . and . . . and.  But  . . . and is the most common reason that I *don’t* get writing done.   So I need to get […]

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Tonight I’m exhausted.  I’ll probably go to sleep soon.  I did manage to write another 500 words on the ghost writer story.  But when you start seeing pink elephants dancing across the keyboard, it’s time to stop.  Progress: 500 words of original fiction.

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Murder most foul.

It’s almost sadistic the fun that you can have by killing off your primary character in the first chapter.  I would reccomend that any writer try it at least once, at least for the theraputic value, if nothing else.  I suppose you could blame this whole thing on Jerome Taylor.  That’s as good an excuse […]

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Ink? Paper? Pen? Check.

There is something really comfortable about writing with old fashoned ink and paper.  That’s the way I used to do it, way back when I started writing.  And that’s the way that about 65 percent of Tranquility was written.  Yes, re-typing is a pain.  But I honestly think that my best writing comes when I get back to the basics that way.  The only […]

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WOTF, Fiction Frustration, Now look what I have to do.

I put togeather my submission for this quarter’s Writers of the Future (I’m sending Folly).  Hubby edited and told me the last thing I wanted to hear: It wants to be a novel.   I’ve never wanted it to be a novel.  I was happy to stop it at 23 pages.  But according to him, that’s just the […]

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I blame you, Yahoogroups

Dear Yahoogroups,  Please stop selling my e-mail address to spammers/scammers in Nambia.  I don’t need to help them launder money.  I don’t need discount viagra.  I don’t need e-mails from Maurice telling me about his love life.   I’m not interested in holding money for someone who I’ve never met.  Especially if I can’t pronounce her name.   And I […]

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