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I blame you, Yahoogroups

Written By: Tracy - Sep• 10•07

Dear Yahoogroups, 

Please stop selling my e-mail address to spammers/scammers in Nambia.  I don’t need to help them launder money.  I don’t need discount viagra.  I don’t need e-mails from Maurice telling me about his love life.  

I’m not interested in holding money for someone who I’ve never met.  Especially if I can’t pronounce her name.  

And I don’t open attachments from people I don’t know. 

No love,

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  1. shadowhelm says:

    You know, you can opt out of the Yahoo spam stuff. It’s somewhere in your login profile.

    • Tracy says:

      When I signed up, I clicked the little do not send me mail box. Beyond that, I don’t know where to opt out. If you find out. please tell me.

      the only reason I know it’s yahoo groups is that the spam moves everytime I change my e-mail on my yahoogroups accounts. If I sign up for a new list, the spam increases. So no new lists, and actively blocking spam as it comes in are the only things I know how to do.

      In the meantime, I know where to get cheap viagra if anyone wants it ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. yea i have a lot of spam as well. Use Yahoo for when i need to give a email on the website i am on. I have seen more spam than i should. Tho there was that one from the Prince of some far away place that will give me $30,000,000 if i send him some money to help get his money out of a bank in my home town. (that actually is how it was writen when i got it….)

  3. muses_circle says:

    Heh, there’s a reason why I use gmail. They’re good about not giving out my email information. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Mind if I friend you?