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Written By: Tracy - Sep• 10•07

I put togeather my submission for this quarter’s Writers of the Future (I’m sending Folly).  Hubby edited and told me the last thing I wanted to hear: It wants to be a novel.  

I’ve never wanted it to be a novel.  I was happy to stop it at 23 pages.  But according to him, that’s just the first chapter.  And I can’t make the character change his mind.  

I hate it! Hate it! Hate it!  It wants to be Epic!  And Tolkienesque!  And chock full of spies!  And I don’t want to do epic anything.  I want to write silly lilttle short stories that don’t bleed purple bleedin’ prose. 

So?  Spaz moment over.   I’ve wrapped this version up as best I can, and I guess I’ll go see what else the character wants me to do.  

Nightly report: 5,375 word MS sent in for submission.

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