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Murder most foul.

Written By: Tracy - Sep• 12•07

It’s almost sadistic the fun that you can have by killing off your primary character in the first chapter.  I would reccomend that any writer try it at least once, at least for the theraputic value, if nothing else. 

I suppose you could blame this whole thing on Jerome Taylor.  That’s as good an excuse as any I can come up with.  He’s not really to blame, but of all the shifting variables that figured into what’s become of me, he is the factor that I obsessed on at the moment I died.  

About a thousand words tonight.  I’m tentatively calling this one Memoirs of a Ghost Writer. 

Also dug up an old vampire story.  I hated it when I wrote it.  But now, I think it’s pretty good.  Time and distance are a wonderful thing.  Sometimes, you can be too close to a story.  Time and distance will either let you spot the problems, or raise your self-esteem. 

Progress report: 1,000 words.   
1 vampire story sent out.

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  1. shadowhelm says:

    Bad Tracy!! Bad! Bad!! 😉