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This morning

Written By: Tracy - Sep• 26•07

The drive to work this morning was interesting.  Around here, the sun is just now starting to come up late enough that it’s rising just about the time I make the drive across the river and into Oklahoma.  

Most of the time, I watch the sunrise through my rear-view mirror.  Today, there were lightning-shot lead gray clouds out to the west.  The sunrise had stained them pink like cotton candy on top.  Behind me, the actual sunrise had turned the sky lemon yellow.  In between, gray clouds dotted with blue from the sky behind were tinted slightly pink in odd, alphabet soup shapes.  The reflection from the sky had everything around me tinted pink, and the water from last night’s rain on the highway reflected the sky back upward.   

I saw all this as I drove through some kind of soybean fields.  Those had been frosted yellow by the changing seasons. 

Now the sun is up, and behind the clouds, it seems like all that color is gone.  The whole world is rainy gray, and a little more dreary. 

Still searching for those missing 75 pages.  Maybe they’re on a floppy somewhere.

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