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National Novel Writing Month

Written By: Tracy - Oct• 04•07

When I was a kid, I never read anything longer than 60-90 pages in length.  If it was longer than a Nancy Drew hardback, it was too daunting to read.  Then I worked my way through Alice and Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass.  

It was like I’d broken through a wall.  Suddenly, nothing seemed too long to read. 

Now, I routinely write on a daily basis.  Even if it’s nothing that Is even remotely sellable, just so that I can be in the habit. 

Lately though, my challenge has been writing long original fiction.  Tranquility took me three years of off-and-on, when I felt like it, writing.  But I know that I can do better.

One of the things that I’ve considered doing is participating in National Novel Writer’s month as a way to challenge myself just to get the work out of my head and onto paper. 

Part of the issue is that. like the time I read Alice in Wonderland,  I feel that  If I can clear this hurdle, I can write anything.

So . . . even though I’ve been playing mental ping-pong in my head with the idea of writing this, I’m going to do it. 

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  1. muses_circle says:

    SO glad to hear that! 😀