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NanoWriMo — Day 15

Written By: Tracy - Nov• 15•07

Bride of Tranquility

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Well, it looks like I’m about halfway there.  🙂

“You know there are some wild rumors floating around the diner,” Average said as Rachel pulled her truck up in front of the Tranquility Veterinarian Clinic. The clinic was a two-story farmhouse set at the edge of a large open field. 

Once, it had been the house Rachel grew up in. But when her dad died and her mother moved to Sun City, Arizona, the house had been given to her. Immediately, Rachel quit the clinic she’d been working at in Fort Smith, and turned the old farmhouse into her own private practice. She knocked out most of the walls on the bottom floor, and converted it to make her exam rooms and surgery. Then she refurbished the second story into an apartment. 

She’d even modified the old barns to help her take care of bigger animals like horses and cows.

“What kind of rumors?” Rachel said. Amusement colored her voice, and rolled off her in waves as she walked up to the door, and unlocked it. Average soaked it up, and was happy to see her friend relax. A few hours away from the madness was just what the empath ordered. 

“That you’re going to have a couple of deer pull you in a sleigh down the aisle. Like the snow queen in a fantasy novel.”

“They’re reindeer,” Rachel said dryly. The moment that she walked into the clinic her various adoptees let loose a cacophony of greetings. Barks, hoots and meows filled the air. 

A blue parrot sat on the counter that blocked the waiting area off from the exam rooms. The moment he saw Rachel, he spread his wings in greeting. 

“Arwk. Here comes the bride.”

“Hello Lancelot,” she took a bird treat from a locked box under the cash register, and placed it in his beak. “How are things in the office?”

The bird’s voice shifted to mimic John Wayne. “All quiet on the western front, pilgrim.”

“I’ve got to stop letting you watch TV,” Rachel said. She led Average through the clinic, and up the stairs to her apartment. The one-bedroom was still furnished, but mostly devoid of personal touches. Most of Rachel’s things had been moved over to Jake’s house. 

“Are you going to rent this place out?”

“Actually, I’m probably just going to keep it as it is. It’s handy to have a place to go when I’ve got to pull long shifts downstairs.”

“When do you have to pull long shifts?” Average asked. 

“Round here, there’s always something,” Rachel said. “It’s worse when Win’s alpacas start mating season. And then when they drop the little buggers, you have to be here constantly to keep an eye on things.”


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