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NaNoWriMo — Day 18

Written By: Tracy - Nov• 18•07

Bride of Tranquility

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I realize that I’m no Tarintino.  But everytime I write out the title to my novel, Bride of, I keep imagining that it involves the titular character to Kill Bill.  And that she’s going to be charging the halls of the hotel in the novel in a yellow jumpsuit and Katana, slicing limbs off of evol hotel staff. 

I think I’m getting a little punchy.  I’m in the downhill slide toward the end of the book. 

Rachel marched downstairs to the front desk, and met Deanna just as she rounded it. 

“Dee, where’s Jake?”

“He’s set up in Mr. Prunella’s old office,” Deanna said.  “I was just headed up there myself.   He has the head of housekeeping and one of the members of the Ghost Hunters TV show up there and wants to question both of them.  Do you know how bad this is for the hotel, Rae?  We need Rosa!”

“What we need is to solve this murder!” Rachel stabbed the air with her finger.  “Because you know what’s bad for this hotel?  Having guests dropping like flies, that’s what!  Having warning messages smeared all over the wall of your honeymoon suite.  Having murderers taunting us with condiments.  Do you want to be known as the Black Flag of hotels?  Guests check in but they don’t check out?”

“Okay,” Deanna threw her hands up in the air helplessly.  “I get your point!  I want this solved as much as you do.”

“Then you’d better help Jake as much as you can.  I know I’m going to.”

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  1. muses_circle says:

    I know all about being punchy. That be me.

    Really am intrigued by what you are writing.