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A few days behind

Written By: Tracy - Nov• 23•07

It’s been a few days since posting a NaNoWrimo update.  Truth is, I hadn’t been working on Bride of Tranquility.  I took a couple of days off in which I re-wrote, tweaked, re-read submitted and in some cases thought wow!  I wrote that?  That’s great/awful.  I should make millions of dollars/ give it up and raise kimodo dragons about four short stories.  I’ll know in a few months if they were picked up or not. 

Otherwise: lather, rinse, repeat. 

Today I picked up Bride of Tranquility again, and I knocked out about 5,000 words. 

Bride of Tranqility

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I’m a few words behind.  But If I just do that for three more days, I will have met my overall goal. 

“Should we go in?”  Lord Valentine looked at her in confusion.

“Probably not.” Average bit her lip in indecision.  She glanced around again, and realized that, as well hidden as Mr. Wilson’s office was, they could easily walk in and turn on the lights without anyone spotting them or growing suspicious.”

“But he could be in there.  He could be hurt.  Or had a heart attack.”

“Or he could have just left his cell phone behind.”

“But maybe there will be some kind of contact information,” Lord Valentine said hopefully.  “And we may be able to track him down, and get him to agree to change the wedding’s venue for Lady Rachel.  Then, by the time she has finished with her time in the spa, we will have good news for her.”

Average realized that Lord Valentine hadn’t heard about the latest hotel wackiness.  “About that,” she grinned toothily, and scratched the back of her head with one hand.  “Rachel didn’t exactly make it to the spa?”

“Non?  Why not?” 

“Her room was vandalized.”  Average quickly explained the ketchup in the honeymoon suite.

“But don’t you see?” Lord Valentine clapped his hands together excitedly.  “This?  This is the kind of leverage that we need to force Monsieur Wilson to let us use the Gazebo.  Lady Rachel has been affronted.  Her virtue impinged.  She is distraught!”

With the way that Lord Valentine waved his hands in the air, Average assumed that he was the one who was distraught. 

“Fine,” She rolled her eyes.  “Just . . . Don’t tell Jake we did this.  He’s a stickler for the letter of the law.  And this is probably something he’d frown on. 

“But of course,” Lord Valentine said.  “As to Monsieur Gendarme: simply tell him that we did this in the name of saving his wedding, and his fiancé’s sanity.”

“That wouldn’t go over well with Jake,” Average shook her head.  “He’d hate to think that we broke the law for his sake.”

“I see,” Lord Valentine said slowly.  “Very well, Mademoiselle.  It shall be as you say.”

“Okay,” Average said with a nod.  She reached over, and plucked Duke from off of Lord Valentine’s collar.  The ferret twitched and shivered as it woke up.  Then it wriggled like an eel.

Average put the ferret on the floor in front of the cracked door.  Predictably, the ferret did what all ferrets do when confronted with a spot that was clearly not meant for ferrets to be in: it squeezed through anyway. 

“There.  Now we’re not doing anything illegal like breaking and entering.  We’re just going to get Rachel’s ferret.”

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