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Christmas is coming — Books make good gifts.

Written By: Tracy - Nov• 27•07

So this is the point that I take off my writer hat and put on my salesman hat.   Actually, I never really take off my salesman hat.  Most folks who know me know that. 

So here’s the scoop.  Christmas is coming, and all your money has to go somewhere.  Where do you want it to go?   You can buy something from Wal-Mart, and line the pockets of the Walton family.  But seeing as they’re #6-9 on the list of Forbes Richest people, I really don’t think they need your money this year. 

But a lot of good writers do.  And if you develop a reading habit, you’re more likely to pick up a thinking habit.  And less likely to pick up some kind of less socially acceptable habit.  LIke not watching Supernatural. 

Okay, I made that last one up.  But it sounded good in my head. 

The point is, books make good christmas presents.  And I happen to know of a lot of great writers at Yard Dog Press.  

Looking for a cook book?  Check into The Texistani Cookbook by Bev Hale

What about a children’s book?  The Essense of Stone, also by Bev Hale Is a wonderful YA that draws from Indo/Pak traditions to provide a fantasy world that is completely alien to the Euro-centric Harry Potter/Narnia clones that are currently saturating the market. 

If you’re looking for Humor, or even cats with humor, you’d love Dusty Rainbolt’s All The Marbles

For the writer in your life, Lee Killough’s Checking on Culture is a wonderful book that I’ve used for world building.  I really feel like anyone who is going to try epic fantasy should read it. 

I could list a lot of books here.  Including my own.   But the point of this is to say: Books make good christmas gifts and unlike that Fall Out Boys CD, they don’t go out of style  (Ask any teenager these days if they’ve ever heard of New Kids On the Block.  They’re likely to say: Danny who?)  

Plus,  from now till the end of December buy any book from Yard Dog and get free postage. That means you go to the site, see the Yard price, and that’s what you pay – no postage expense.
Of course this means you can’t use the shopping carts, but it’s as simple as e-mailing your order to Lynn and paying with PayPal at, calling your order in to
479-632-4693 and leaving a credit card number, or mailing your check, money order, or credit card information with your order to Yard Dog Press, 710 W.Redbud Lane, Alma, AR 72921-7247.


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