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NaNoWriMo — Day 27

Written By: Tracy - Nov• 27•07

Bride of Tranquility

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Only about 908 words behind today.  Which makes me feel much better.  With three days to go, it’s easier to be 900 words behind than it is 9,000 (like I was on Thanksgiving.) 

So I worked my butt off to get the extra words squeezed in.  And you know what I’ve discovered?  Writing on a deadline sucks.  I’d rather have done the minimum word count each day.  

Moral of the story:  Don’t fall behind.  It’s harder to catch up.   And it makes writing your story less fun.  

 I need to go. I’m late to talk to the hotel manager. Give me the man-purse.” He strapped the belt around his waist. Then he excused himself, and headed down to the front desk.

Perhaps because of the name, Jake was expecting Mr. Wilson to be a portly balding man. Instead the owner of The Hotel Des Porters was six foot tall and muscular. Only his iron-grey hair gave any indication of his age.

Jake paused to watch as the hotel owner worked quickly and efficiently to cycle between answering phones and questions of hotel guests. Finally he spoke up.

“You look like you’ve been doing that you whole life.”

“That’s probably because my first job was in a hotel in Salt Lake City. I try to stay hands-on with any project I develop.” Mr. Wilson looked up at him and spared a single raised eyebrow for his appearance. “But I’ll save my rags-to-riches story for another time. You must be officer Coletrane.”

“Was it the outfit that gave me away?”

“There aren’t many folks wandering around here in that kind of get-up.”

Just then a woman in a silver metalic jumpsuit walked past them, and down the hall to the alien enthusiast’s convention.

“Well, most of the time, anyway.” Mr. Wilson hastily amended.

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