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NaNoWriMo — Day 28

Written By: Tracy - Nov• 28•07

Bride of Tranquility

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The writing  came easy today.  I was writing the climax of the story and it just flowed.  So, less than 4,000 words.  I’m not quite sure how to wrap this up. 

 Horace Jones looked around at his neighbors and was concerned to see Bubba grilling up yet another rattlesnake tailgate-style in one corner of the parking lot.

“Bubba? What are you doing?”

Bubba looked at Horace, then down at the long slender body that was slowly turning on a spit over open coals. He looked back up, and shrugged unconcernedly. “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m bringing a dish for the reception.”

“This isn’t some kind of holy-roller potluck,” Horace shook his head. “It’s a respectable, Baptist reception. They’re having cake and punch.”

“Really? Then why did they hire a pirate to tend bar for them?”

“We’re in a dry county! There is no . . .” Horace broke off as Captain Morgan strolled up in full buccaneer regalia. He looked inquiringly down at the barbecue.

“What be that, matey?” He asked Bubba.

“Rattlesnake. Want to try some?”

“Perhaps later,” the pirate looked intrigued.

“I’ll have plenty at the reception. It’s plenty meaty, and it tastes like chicken, but you gotta pick out the little bones.”

“I’ll remember that.” The pirate nodded, and wandered away again.

“Well, he’s not tending bar!” Horace shook his head.

“That’s okay,” Bubba patted Horace’s shoulder. “I think Win brought some of his special brew.”

Horace shook his head. “Don’t let Jake know. And you’d better shut down that grill. I think it violates fire codes for this hotel.”

Just then a white buggy bounced and rumbled past them at full speed with a lady in a fancy old-fashioned dress and corset at the reigns, and Jake and Dr. Dave in the backseat, holding on for dear life. The coach hit the edge of the parking lot, made a sharp right-hand turn, rolled up on two wheels, bounced once, and then gained momentum as the driver pointed it downhill toward the lake.

“Huh? The wedding can’t be starting already.” Bubba pulled the snake off the grill and closed the cover to smother the fire.

“Dunno, maybe it’s some kind of pre-game show.” Horace said.

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  1. tapestry01 says:

    I’ve got less than 2,000 words to go. I just might finish this thing!

    • Tracy says:

      You’re ahead of me, then. I’m actually surprised at how little ground I can cover in 1,000 words. When I do short fiction, it has to be so much tighter.

  2. alfreda89 says:

    I’m proud of you.

    Writing this much at once can take it out of you — I did 288 pages in 20 days once. Of course, I didn’t write for a month after that, but still — you can feel quite accomplished!

    I did six pages last night, and was pleased.

    Now — when do we get to try the rattlesnake? ;^)

    • Tracy says:

      Re: I’m proud of you.

      You can ask my publisher about this. The druggest who would cook Rattlesnake is based on a real guy. He was one of my Grandpa’s best friends. I knew him growing up. 😉