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A newish day.

 So, I was able to get in to work.  Finished the new short there. Yay for bosses who don’t care what I’m doing so long as the real work is done by the time I leave.  Husband is home now.  I’m thinking of heading that way.  Can someone please bring back the sun?

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10:00 pm. Husband is still on the road.

It’s been pouring rain and ice since about 6:00 pm.  On the way home I was nearly in a wreck on the river bridge.  I keep hearing reports of major pile-ups. And my husband decided to drive home in these conditions.  Actually, he’s been stranded for about three hours now at the same mile marker.  But he’s […]

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Awards — flailing

They’ve announced the preleminary ballot for the nebula awards, and Selina Rosen’s Strange Robby is on it.  You have no idea how excited that makes me.   Particularly since I know that this is something that she would like, but hasn’t dared to hope for even the nomination.  Now I wish I was a SFWA member, just so I could vote.  Because […]

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Rant: Money flows to the writer.

The other day, I was out with my husband, when an acquaintance showed me her new book.  I had the vaguest of notions that she was an writer, but I didn’t know that she had a book coming out.   But the conversation made me a little leery.  Firstly because she didn’t mention anything about an art department, or editors.  Secondly, because she […]

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Lather . . .you know the rest.

collected another rejection.  The editor took the time to explain what was wrong this time.  In the heirarchy of rejection slips, that’s not bad.  It means that they liked the story.  Just not enough to buy it.  But if I fix what they suggested the next editor might buy it.  Or I may stick it in a drawer and sit […]

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