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Archive for February, 2008

New story up

I’ve got a new  article up on  This one is a ghost story.  Sort of.  It’s about a dead doctor, a shifty mortician, missing organs and a murder investigation.    If I made stuff like this up, I don’t think people would believe me. 

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stories go out, stories come in. Sometimes they win contests

Collected another rejection, this one for the goofy vampire hunter story.  But that’s not what has me excited.  I got an E-mail from Writers of the Future.  The silly exploding dragon story rated an honorable mention.   What’s interesting about that, is that I’ve already collected about seven rejections in six years on this one.  You just never know.   I […]

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Firefox News

I’m excited to announce that I’m writing articles again.  Starting today, I’m writing reviews and articles for Firefox news. You can read my work here.

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It’s coming! (head for the hills!)

This information comes from  laurajunderwood courtesy bevhale .  The Benbella Books anthology Best of Bubbas of the Apocolypse (which includes my short story, Attack of the Godless, Undead Zombies)  Is now available for preorder on   It comes out in August 2008, but if you order now, Amazon will let you have this title for the low-low price […]

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Story update: They go out, they come in.

New rejection for the first of February: The amnesiac war goddess turned catholic nurse story collected another rejection.  However this one was encouraging, so I’m going to put the story in the “I can’t possibly edit this any more” file.    The way I look at it is that I’m constantly learning how to be a better writer.  So in the process […]

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