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Written By: Tracy - Mar• 04•08

 Sent two more stories out today.  Also got my Honerable Mention certificate for Writers of the Future. 

I’d already put the certificate away when my husband came home, and was in the process of throwing away the envelope.  However I wanted to show him that it had come in.  So while standing over the trash, I held up the empty envelope and called out “honey, it’s here!” Then while he was watching, I promptly threw it away. 

He’s still scratching his head over that.  And I’m not going to explain it just yet.

In other news, the ear is still ringing.  (remember that it’s been stopped up since september?)  I’ve seen my doctor again, and this time he gave me the good meds.  If it dosen’t clear up by next week, I’m off to see a specalist.   Which could mean cat scans and possibly getting tubes inserted to help them drain properly. 

I’m going to continue to stay positive and say that it won’t come to that.

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  1. muses_circle says:

    Hehe, did hubby miss the sarcasm, or am I just reading way too much into that?

    I hope your ear gets better. 🙁

    • Tracy says:

      I’m hoping it does too. There’s a low-level ringing in it, but that’s mostly something I ignore. It only really bugs me if I have a passenger while driving, because I can’t hear them speak to me, or if I’m in a crowded room, because then the ambient noise seems to drown out all sound in “the bad ear.”