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writing report, garden report.

Sent out three more short stories today. Which means that most of my short work is being shopped at the moment.  What’s in — a short that wants to be a novel,  one that needs work and one that was an experiment in first person.   I think I was trying for a noir feel with the […]

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Oh look, an education!

I’ve been writing articles for Firefox News for a couple months now.  Mostly, I’ve been doing so for the exposure it gives me.  The articles don’t take me long to write (Reviews, and I’m watching the shows anyway) and articles on the paranormal (which I typically have already researched while looking for fiction ideas).   They […]

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In which the writer smashes her head on the keyboard repeatedly

Apparantly last weekend, one of my editors had her yearly get togeather.  And while I have a standing invitation to go, and live maybe 20 minutes away, this year it totally slipped my mind.  It’s not like I didn’t know when it was.  It’s around the same time every year.  But I didn’t write it down, and so […]

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On why I think I’m not meeting full blog potential

Last fall I started this thing as a way of hopefully journaling my writing process.  Now, a half-year later, I think it’s made of large amounts of fail.  Part of the problem, as I see it, is that I’m not of the blogger mindset.  I have a lot of friends who LJ, and they’re pretty comfortable with […]

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Moonlight Reviews

 I’m now caught up on all episode reviews for Moonlight over at Firefox News. Four reviews in two days.  I feel like I need to set down.  Maybe have a nap.  Unfortunately, I’m at the day job.

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WotF: I didn it again.

Just recieved word that a second story of mine recieved an honorable mention from Writers of the Future for the second quarter in a row.  I thought that it was a typo when I read that, but no, It was actually the other story that I sent in back at the first part of the year.  It’s cool in a way, […]

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Note to self: The dog is nuts!

Note to self:  If The Queen is whining for my attention: 1. Check the door.  She either wants out or in.  2. Check by the food bowl.  She wants a snack.  If she’s in neither place, check under the bed.  She just may have crawled under there for reasons known only to her, and gotten stuck.  

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Checking in: we’re okay

There were some awful stoms last night in Fort Smith.  We had more hail than I’ve seen in a long time.  The good news is that we seemed to weather it okay.  My husband got home from work just ahead of the storms, and we got his car in the garage before the hail hit.  Then it was […]

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