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writing report, garden report.

Written By: Tracy - Apr• 29•08

Sent out three more short stories today. Which means that most of my short work is being shopped at the moment.  What’s in — a short that wants to be a novel,  one that needs work and one that was an experiment in first person.  

I think I was trying for a noir feel with the first person one.  Since then I’ve decided that I’m not a first person writer.  I would probably be happier with the whole thing If I just re-wrote it in third person. 

But i’m extremely pleased that most of my stuff is out there.  Of course, this probably means that I should write more short work.  But having ten origional fiction works, plus an essay out is a personal best for me.  If I can keep it out there, sooner or later I’ll find homes for all of it.  By then, I’d better have written twenty or thirty more stories that I’m trying to find homes for. 

The forecast called for maybe, possibly a little bit of frost last night.  I’m genuinely glad I haven’t started planting the garden yet.  I hate doing the bedsheet tomato shuffle.   But hopefully by this weekend, I’ll have all the plants in the ground.  As usual, I got way too many tomato plants.  But they’re so cheap when they’re babies, and then sooner or later I’ve got three or four hundred tomatoes and I have no idea what to do with them. 

Maybe this Year I’ll make salsa.  

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