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Sad News

Robert Asprin passed away yesterday.  It was sudden and unexpected.  He was supposted to have been the guest of honor at Marcon this weekend.  I didn’t know the man very well, but we shared a couple of humor writing panels at Con DFW a few years back.  His work was obviously an influence on mine.  I’m sorry that he’s passed on.  

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Indulging my inner pyro

Last year my dad got me a clay chimny pot at a garage sale.  So now I’ve got a place to burn all that extra wood leftover from when the tree in my front yard came down two years ago.  Tonight, I tried cooking on it.  Not directly inside of it, since i was worried about ash in my food, […]

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Feeling very accomplished.

Last night I dug the hostas out of my front flower bed and moved them around to fill up the pool in back.  Then I put herbs into the front bed.  I acutally have these sized, rotated and cropped in photobucket.  But for some reason, the program is showing the raw images.  Maybe they’ll work […]

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Writing stuff, family stuff

I had a seriously busy mothers day weekend.  Which is why the latest episode review is late getting up.  (That and the fact that I watch these things online, rather than  from a TV, and CBS was late getting the episode on the web).   At any rate, My review for What Was Left Behind is here.  And […]

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More gardening stuff. More writing stuff.

Yesterday I took a look at the herb garden in the front yard.  I cut back the Lambs ear (way, way back), and  cut out an entire clump of oregano.  that was choking out an azelia bush.  Really, it was like a little shrub.  Then I dried it in my food dryer.  I think my hubby would […]

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Gardening fun.

This year Ryan hired someone to do the lawn maintenence.  Which freed me up to do more garden work.  So far I’ve broken up enough ground to plant tomatoes and cucumbers, gotten some vining plants onto trellesses, and finally figured out what I’m going to do with a pond liner that’s been basically leaning against a fence for the past […]

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