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Written By: Tracy - May• 06•08

Yesterday I took a look at the herb garden in the front yard.  I cut back the Lambs ear (way, way back), and  cut out an entire clump of oregano.  that was choking out an azelia bush.  Really, it was like a little shrub.  Then I dried it in my food dryer.  I think my hubby would have preferred if I didn’t do that.  The whole house smelled  like oregano, and we couldn’t get away from it. I ended up with two or three quarts of dried oregano leaves.  And I’ve still got another clump out in the garden that I’m leaving in place for the fresh stuff.  

Plants are pretty amazing when you think about it.  You start out with one or two that you stick in the dirt.  And in a couple years, they’ve almost grown beyond what you can handle. 

On the writing front, my articles continue to appear at firefox news, I’ve collected another rejection and sent out another short story.  I’m starting to read over Bride of Tranquility for plot holes or dangling threads.  I’m a lot prouder of it than I was last November.  Then I was just sick of it. 

I’m resolving to do more conventions next year.  Money has always been part of my issue (The other is time, but that one is a lot easier to juggle).  But I’m to the point that If I have to, I’ll sell plasma or something to make it happen.

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