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It’s June. shouldn’t I be done sticking things In the ground?

It’s been an odd year with the rain, and while we should be entering a dry time of year, things are still growing like crazy.  Which is why I keep staring at the backs of seed packages and seeing the ‘plant between april and june’ and thinking.  “It’s june 26th.  If I can get these beans in […]

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stories go out. stories come in.

2 new rejections.  Three stories sent out.  And so it goes.   

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website thoughts

1. Firefox news has been experiencing outages.  Mainly due to the great Mozilla download.  They’re back up now, but they may be a bit slow as they try to handle the extra traffic due to the neighbors.   2. I’ve just finished my first re-vamp of my author’s website.  My husband set this site up for me using Dot Net Nuke, and […]

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Firefox news updated

My newest paranormal article is up on Firefox News.  One Eyed Willie couldn’t have hid it better.  The Oak Island Money Pit.  Pirates. Arrr.

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Articles and airplanes

This weekend my mother, sister and I went out to Lubbock to visit the silent wings museum.  It was in part the culmination of a decade search for history.   Approximately 10 years ago my grandfather passed away.  Once he was gone, my sister mentioned in passing to a friend (who was a marine) that she thougth that our […]

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Bushes attacked back.

Last weekend I picked up my machette and hacked my way thorugh the bushes growing up against the side of my house like Indy cutting his way through the amazon.   The house looks nice now, but there must have been some poison oak in the bushes, because my arms are covered in it now.  I’ve got one long […]

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So if you want to be a writer, why aren’t you writing?

I keep my books on my desk at work, partially because it’s a good opening to make a sale.  Quite a few of the folks who come through the clinic are readers, and those that aren’t will sometimes just want reading material while they wait on the doctor.  I’ve noticed that maybe a third of everyone I’ve met will […]

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