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Written By: Tracy - Jun• 16•08

This weekend my mother, sister and I went out to Lubbock to visit the silent wings museum.  It was in part the culmination of a decade search for history.  

Approximately 10 years ago my grandfather passed away.  Once he was gone, my sister mentioned in passing to a friend (who was a marine) that she thougth that our grandpa had served with the 101’st airborne, and that he’d fought in Bastogne.  Her friend got quiet, and then told my sister that my grandpa must have been a tough man to have survived. 

That one comment got most of us curious as to what, exactly grandpa had done.  He’d told my dad a few stories, but most of us weren’t  persistent enough to try and get him to talk about things that bothered him as badly as his war memories did (he’d suffered severe shell shock, and the army psychiatrists had told him the solution was to drink.  Which he did until he realized that it was becominga problem.  At that point he stopped.) 

My grandmother entrusted me with Grandpa’s papers, medals and letters home.  In the time I had them, I was able to get the medals replaced, but wasn’t able to track down a more complete record of his service. 

That was something my mother eventually did.  Through the internet and contacts with surviving veterans, she discovered that my grandpa had been a glider infantryman attached to the 101’st airborne.  He was part of the advance detachment during the invasion of Normandy.  Before serving in Bastogne and the invasion of Holland.

The museum itself was phenominal.  I intend to write up a detailed report along with photos for my website in the near future.  Needless to say, they have a fully restored Waco CG-4A glider, and are working on restoring a British Horsa glider that will also be on display.  My family enjoyed the trip, and we were glad to learn more about this aspect of my grandpa’s life and service to our country. 


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