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website thoughts

Written By: Tracy - Jun• 18•08

1. Firefox news has been experiencing outages.  Mainly due to the great Mozilla download.  They’re back up now, but they may be a bit slow as they try to handle the extra traffic due to the neighbors.  

2. I’ve just finished my first re-vamp of my author’s website.  My husband set this site up for me using Dot Net Nuke, and other than the fact that it looks like I’ve stolen the skin from the CW, it’s a nice site.  It takes a little bit of time to load, but once you’re on the site, you can move within the pages fairly quickly. 

Eventually, I plan to have pages with some of my original fiction and photography on it.  I’m also considering starting an original story just for the website.  Some kind of serial novel that would be updated on a regular basis in the way that Special Projects has been done here on this LJ.  Maybe even eventually make a podio book version of Tranquility temporarily avialible just before the second book, Bride of Tranqility goes on sale. 

2A. What this may mean for [info]writertracy?   Assuming that launches the journaling feature, I may cancel my writertracy account.  This blog has never been the success that I hoped it would be.  I simply don’t update it often enough or provide the content to make it very interesting.  The author’s website gives me a lot more versatility, and anything I couldn’t accomplish there could be handled by a firefox journal.   I do lose the social networking aspect by closing writertracy, but I think that it’s been underutilized anyway.  I could do the same thing by having a notifications list that interested folks could sign up for.  That way whenever I update the website, I can just drop a note to let folks know.

If you get a chance, head over and take a look.  Then tell me what you think.  If there is something you think would enhance the site, or you would like to see, please let me know.  

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