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It’s June. shouldn’t I be done sticking things In the ground?

Written By: Tracy - Jun• 26•08

It’s been an odd year with the rain, and while we should be entering a dry time of year, things are still growing like crazy.  Which is why I keep staring at the backs of seed packages and seeing the ‘plant between april and june’ and thinking.  “It’s june 26th.  If I can get these beans in the ground by this weekend, there is still time. 

Why do I do this to myself every year?  It’s not like I can’t buy beans for a lot less trouble than I can grow them (78 cents a can at wal-mart.).  But I get an enormous ammount of satisfaction just looking out of my bathroom window and seeing all those green vines all trellised up in my garden.  

I guess I should blame my grandpa for putting the gardening bug in me.  He’s the one who had me out in the summer planting potatoes.   

And let’s face it.  You can’t buy store tomatoes that taste anywhere as good as what grows in the garden.  And with the yearly scares over all things green and leafy (this year it’s tomatoes. Before that it was broccoli, prior to that it was cucumbers.)  I’m a little bit smug to know that at least I didn’t give my plants some kind of weird chicken disease. 

At least that’s something.

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