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Going to the dogs.

Written By: Tracy - Sep• 12•08

Ryan and I have been a one-dog family for a while now.  This is her.  Essey, queen of the house.

Don’t let the eyes fool you, she’s a sweet dog with a perpetual ‘shiba smile.’  And for the most part, she’s a very laid back, quiet dog.  Perfect for a busy couple with no kids.

So the thing is, Ryan works with someone who is trying to find a home for this little fella.

His name is Yuki, and he’s a three year old Shiba. 

I haven’t let Ryan take me to see him yet, because I know I’ll fall in love.  My concern is whether Essey and Yuki would get along.   Because Essey pretty much rules the house.  And from what I’ve been told, Yuki was in a similar situation with his last owner (his owner passed away, and her kids are trying to find a good home for him).

So how well would two only children get along?

Stay tuned, and I’ll let you know if we give this a shot.

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