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Traffic accidents and other mishaps

Written By: Tracy - Sep• 13•08

I know my dad reads this journal on occasion, so I’ve held off posting anything until I was ready to tell him.  Now that he knows, I can post this. 

Last wednesday, I was hit from behind while driving home.

Both me and the other driver are fine (albiet a little bit stiff) .  The car is going to be totaled.  It’s 12 years old, and over 200,000 miles.  We didn’t report the hail damage to our insurance company earlier this year because we thought that they would total out the car then.  So this will definitely do it.

The car is still driveable, so until the insurance company totals it, I’m still riding around in it.  But I feel a little like I’m driving a clown car with a giant skate key sticking out the back.  Kind of like I’m a spectacle that everyone is pointing and laughing at.

So the next step, we’re going to look at maybe buying some kind of honda.  Maybe an accord or a Civic.  Something that, like my little Chevy, will run forever without giving me car trouble.  Hopefully without cloth seats, since those seem to get sunbleached over time (and let’s face it, I’m a long-term car committment kind of girl).

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  1. If your going to get a honda civic, make sure its the 2006 hybrid that does 50 + mpg. πŸ™‚

    • Tracy says:

      If it’s in our budget, and reliable. The hybrids are a little more pricey, and since we live in the mountains it uses gas more than electric anyway. (I have an aunt with a hybrid. She uses a lot of gas to get up the hill to Fayetteville, and then not much coming back, but she would coast the whole way on a fully-gas car anyway).

  2. wbledbetter says:

    Whoa…that sucks. Glad you are ok. But I guess getting a new car will be good, since you last one was obviously ready to retire.

    • Tracy says:

      I think it still had a couple of years in it. But I wasn’t completely comfortable taking it to conventions. I followed Lynn and Selina to Conestoga this year just in case there was a breakdown on the highway.

  3. tapestry01 says:

    Glad you weren’t hurt!

    • Tracy says:

      Thanks! I’m a little bit sore, but it’s mostly the stabilizing muscles in my neck, and a bruise on my hip from the seatbelt. The old car is still even drivable. Although I’m not jumping up and down at driving in the rain anymore.

  4. muses_circle says:

    I’m just thankful you’re not seriously injured.