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Dogs, food, word count (not all at once)

Written By: Tracy - Sep• 24•08

Little Man and The Queen met tonight.  They seem to be getting along fine.  If totally ignoring one another counts as fine.   Still, they’re dogs, so as long as there is no snarling and growling, it’s all good.

Little Man also turned a summersault in my lap today.  I was scritching his ears, and he just put his nose between his front paws and over-he-went.  Weird little dog.

Supper tonight was an experiment.  Throw-togeather baked ziti.  tasted like Lasagna. . 

1. jar tomato sauce
4 cups (cooked) ziti
1 lb turkey italian sausage. (browned)
Mozzarella Cheeze

Throw togeather.  Top with more cheese. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

400 degrees seems to be my default setting.  When in doubt, set the oven at 400 degrees. 

In other news, I finally decided which plot bunny that I wanted to chase next.  Have written 2,300 words thus far.  Only now one of the other dozen started nibbling.  At this rate, It’ll be a looooong time before I finish anything.

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