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The Night the Devil – Or Possibly a Kangaroo – Walked.

My newest paranormal article is up at firefox news. February 7, 1855 was a cold night in Devon, England, cold enough for a heavy snowfall that kept many would-be travelers inside– all except one, according to some reports. And that one may have been the Devil himself.

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Peter Gutierrez, one of the other writers for Firefox News, got to interview Robert Tapert.  Since I do the news and will do the reviews for Legend of the Seeker for the site, he let me pass on a few questions. The interview is here.

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Nanowrimo — Yes, I’m doing it again.

Last year, my writing project for Nanowrimo turned into Bride of Tranquility, which Yard Dog Press will release sometime soon (or sometime later, if a certain someone who married me will only just finish ediing the final draft). This year, I think I’m going to try to finish a YA murder mystery that I started […]

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More news on dad.

Just got a call from my sister.  Dad’s biopsy came back, and the growth was cancerous.  The good news is that they think they got it all.  They’re going to make him go through a round of chemo, but the prognosis is good. I’m going up to the hospital today.  I think he could use […]

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Dad gets no sympathy.

So dad’s okay.  He’s terrorizing the nurses, and when I scolded him for not telling me that his surgery was coming up, he looked confused, and then said that he thought he told me.  Random thought: It’s kind of wrong that he’s watching House while confined to a hospital bed.  It’s ironic that his immediate family […]

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This from the peanut gallery

A wonderful writer friend of mine, Rhonda Eudaly writes: My story "Immense Dimensions of Your Monster" went live on Friday, October 3. I share a table of contents with FenCon V toastmaster – Howard Waldrop (who was unable to attend), and FenCon V’s Emergency Holographic Toastmaster, David Lee Anderson. The story link is — […]

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Head — Meet Desk. Oh wait, you already know one another.

My Dad and I have a communications problem.  Part of it is that we’re very similar types of people.  We don’t tend to check in on each other.  And as long as we don’t hear from each other — we assume that everything is okay. This is only really a problem when everyone else leaves […]

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food, illness and dogs.

I won’t be at either Fencon or Archon this weekend.  It’s my birthday weekend.  Husband wants to do something nice for me that does not include spending time around the fen.  No word what yet.  It’s a surprise. I was off yesterday, and spent the day with Husband, since he’s home sick.  Today he’s out […]

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