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Head — Meet Desk. Oh wait, you already know one another.

Written By: Tracy - Oct• 06•08

My Dad and I have a communications problem.  Part of it is that we’re very similar types of people.  We don’t tend to check in on each other.  And as long as we don’t hear from each other — we assume that everything is okay.

This is only really a problem when everyone else leaves it up to him to tell me things, and he forgets to.

Things like family gatherings.  Or the fact that he had major surgery scheduled for today and didn’t tell me.  Basically, they thought he had a growth on his kidney.  It was either going to be cancerous — in which case he may have lost his kidney.  Or just a cyst — in which case, they could scrape it off, and he would be fine. 

I found out when my step-mom called to tell me that everything went alright.   It’s just a cyst, and other than the fact that they had to take one of his ribs out to get to his kidney, he’s okay. 

I thought it was a little odd that he didn’t call me to wish me a happy birthday – but I just assumed he was busy (remember the part about assuming everything is okay until you hear other wise?  I figured he’d call when he remembered). 

Yeah.  So now I’m a touch upset that no one else bothered to tell me that his surgery was coming up.  Just a little bit. 

And since I’ve been on a cooking kick, tonight I’m making all night oven bake for tomorrow’s lunch and dinner.

1 lb steak (stew meat or round steak)
1 pkg lipton onion soup mix.
1 can cream of mushroom soup,
1 box stuffing
1 16 oz tub of sour cream.

This is a great campfire recipie.  I learned it from a friend in the SCA.  If you have a dutch oven, you can slow-cook this all day (or all night) over a campfire.

combine soup, onion mix and steak.  Cook in the oven (or on the campfire) at a low setting (I use 350) for approximately 7hours. 
Then add stuffing and sour cream.  Return to oven for another hour. 

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  1. bevhale says:

    Sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday. The last several months have been bad and my brain has leaked out my ears. Hope it was wonderful.