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Dad gets no sympathy.

Written By: Tracy - Oct• 09•08

So dad’s okay.  He’s terrorizing the nurses, and when I scolded him for not telling me that his surgery was coming up, he looked confused, and then said that he thought he told me. 

Random thought: It’s kind of wrong that he’s watching House while confined to a hospital bed. 

It’s ironic that his immediate family is all female (wife, two daughters and sister).  We’re all strong-willed, independent women.  So that’s what he’s been surrounded with at the hospital.

He wants to go home, but the doctors won’t release him untill all his plumbing is in order.  He’s made things worse, because he insisted on getting put on solid food as soon as possible.

So now, he can’t quite understand why he gets no sympathy from us when he complains about being bloated and cranky.

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  1. *chuckles* The day a guy gets genuine sympathy from a girl for his ailments, I’m sure the universe will end. ^_~`