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Nanowrimo — Yes, I’m doing it again.

Written By: Tracy - Oct• 14•08

Last year, my writing project for Nanowrimo turned into Bride of Tranquility, which Yard Dog Press will release sometime soon (or sometime later, if a certain someone who married me will only just finish ediing the final draft).

This year, I think I’m going to try to finish a YA murder mystery that I started last year.  

My problem is that I have too many long-form fiction projects running around in my head, and I want to write them all at once.  Maybe after November, I’ll have one less wandering around up there.

I wonder if Stephen King ever has this problem.

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One Comment

  1. reudaly says:

    I don’t know about King, but I know *I* have that problem… says she who’s working on 4 projects simultaneously.