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Discipline is doing what you want the most vs. doing what you want now.

Written By: Tracy - Nov• 03•08

Last week I stared on a program called Flylady.  It’s a pretty simple concept.  Each day you do just a little bit, and the cumulitive affect is a clean, ordered home.

It starts small.  day one is simply learning to keep the kitchen sink clean.  Day two is to keep the kitchen sink clean, and get dressed every morning. 

Now that I’m on day six, I learned about cleaning up hot spots (places that clutter collects, like my writing desk.  Which these days is filled with travel brochures, photography catalogs, and research for my writing).  Now, I’m adding two minutes each day of hot spot decluttering to this routine.  It barely made a dent in the desk.  But tomorrow, when I do it again, the dent will be bigger. 

It’s a little like a ripple effect.  Today the sink, tomorrow the world.

And speaking of doing a litte bit each day, I’ve signed up again this year for NANOWRIMO, so I’ll be trying to do the daily 1667 word count.  And maybe a little more, if I can be motivated enough.

But I’ve also heard that there’s a ongoing version called NaNoCoMo.  That would be National Novel Continuing Month.  The program goes from month to month, and the goal is 30 k a month.  For someone who is trying to build writing as a daily habit, it seems like a good idea.

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  1. That little bit is what I’m working on. My goal is to work on cleaning up my room over the next week instead of the overwhelmed bit of “I just need 12 hours on Saturday!”

    Good luck with NaNoWriMo, I see everyone sweating it already.

    • Tracy says:

      I just want to get my wordcount up. It’s a no brainer to write 1,000 words a day. The other 667 words is where things get hard for me.