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Written By: Tracy - Nov• 28•08

Today was black Thursday.  Sounds ominous.  I guess, considering that someone got trampled at a Wal-Mart, it was. 

Personally, I forgoed (forgone? forwent?  skipped.) the shopping today.  My parents have been divorced since I was five.  So now, at age 29 (+4) I still have two celebrations.  And this year, courtesy all the family health stuff, I’m trying to be the one doing most of the work.  So . . . Turkey courtesy Harps.  Dusting, sweeping and mopping.  And a chance to reflect on how thankful I really am.

I’m thankful that they caught the lump on my dad’s kidney. I’m glad that the cancer was minor.  I’m glad that he won’t have to undergo chemo.  While i’m sorry for my sister’s miscarriage, I’m grateful for my healthy two blood-related nieces, and the also-healthy neice-of-the heart that belongs to my brother in law.  I’m glad my step-mother’s dad pulled through his surgery.  That he’s recovered from the blockage, and that the stint works. 

I’m glad that my own accident was minor. I’m thankful that we replaced the car inexpensively.  I’m very glad that the chiropractor restored my full range of motion.  I’m so thankful that I’ve got my health, and that Ryan found another job quickly after the bank was shut down this spring. 

There are a lot of things in my life that aren’t perfect.  Right now our two dogs have raised the halleluah chorous again.  But with so much that I have to be thankful for, the less-than-perfect things are fuzzy in focus.  In ten years, the little discomforts of life will be forgotten.  It’s the blessings that will mean something.

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  1. I’m pretty sure it takes the same irregular declension as “go”. So: forego, forewent, am foregoing, have foregone. If I really wanted a definitive answer, I’d go ask on . 🙂