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I made it off the trail alright.

Written By: Tracy - Jun• 18•09

Just wanted to let you guys know that the vacation is nearly over.  We sailed through the desert hiking with relative ease, and I got some great photos. I’m back in telephone and internet range, and more importantly, at a KOA with a shower.  I’ll be home saturday night.  longer update later, but I just wanted to check in and let folks know that I’m doing well.

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  1. dotar_sojat says:

    Hiking… somewhere in Utah, it sounds like? Cool. Overnight? Full-on backpacking?

    • Tracy says:

      Series of day hikes. Camel back backpack with food and camera. We went to the Coyotie Buttes, and had back country passes via lottery to hike to The Wave. I’ll have a full report up over the next couple of days.