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Was it a bad book?

Written By: Tracy - Jul• 15•09

My husband and I have been re-watching the Harry Potter series with another couple of friends in anticipation of the new movie.  Through the course of watching, it’s come out that husband and one friend don’t remember the next book.   In didscussions on LJ, I’m seeing that this is a pretty common thing. 

Now I remember reading it and thinking that the tone was a little light considering how dark the previous two books were.  But I didn’t think it was forgettable.  Am I in the minority on this?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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  1. mnelson says:

    I haven’t read ANY of the books…but I have seen the movies.

  2. Book 6 is actually my favorite of the series. I’m hearing good things about the movie, but I’ve also heard that a lot of things that I loved about the book were cut out of the movie, so I guess we’ll see.

  3. jongibbs says:

    I’ve enjoyed all the Harry Potter books. My only criticism is that the last three are a little long for the amount of actual story contained within.

    I can understand that nobody at the publishing house would have wanted to tell J K Rowling to get the pruners out, but I think it made the later books more lightweight (no pun intended), because all those extra pages ‘diluted’ the story. If you know what I mean.