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Jay Lake Makes it Look so Easy!

Written By: Tracy - Jul• 23•09

I never realized until I started posting to LJ how difficult it is to be interesting on a daily basis.  It’s not that I don’t think I’m interesting.  But having a journal makes me feel the need to post things on a dialy basis that others will be intrigued by. 

This wasn’t that hard when I was writing my novel in a month, doing the Master Cleanse, or taking my vacation out west  (which reminds me that I promised both the final trip report and the follow up thoughts for the master cleanse).  But for the rest of the time, I work from home and the highlight of my day yesterday was that I canned tomatoes, made herbal tea from some of the herbs in my garden, played with my dogs and prepared two days worth of food so that I don’t have to cook tonight. 

I’m not exactly scaling mount everest here. 

So let me put a question to you all out in LJ land.  What do you like to read on a person’s blog?  Social commentary, excerpts from stories that I’m working on, writing advice, photos posted from my clip file, linkspam, random thoughts? 

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  1. muses_circle says:

    Sometimes I like simple things like hearing about the lost art of canning. One person on my flist periodically posts recipes she finds from the ’40s and ’50s, because a lot of them are incredibly unique. Shortage of food made women get creative with recipes.

    I so enjoy your writing posts, though.

  2. jongibbs says:

    I like the writerly stuff myself.