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Second drafts won’t rewrite themselves.

Written By: Tracy - Jul• 27•09

Best friend called today to let me know that the director liked our makeup job saturday.  I was also invited to go out wednesday night and be a zombie for the final night of filming.  Tempting, but I’m actually working on my second draft of last years NANOWRIMO novel, with the help of  .  

In other news,  the pen came in. It’s sitting on my desk right now, staring at me  (It can do that.  It has a dragon’s face and teeny tiny eyes.).

Right now I"m actually pretty excited, writing wise.  The creative juices are flowing, the heavens have opened up and rained mead on me, the gods are smiling, and I’ve had three or four short story ideas in addition to a couple of anthologies that I’m writing for on spec. 

I’ve even gone back to look at a couple of short stories that have never sold.  I can see why they didn’t (Oh my!  Did I really write a short story as an extended metaphor?   Must have been in my delusions of grandeur phase. That must be burned immediately and the ashes should be flushed.)  However . . . there was one idea that I could see potential in.  I took the base theory and re-wrote it completely, and if I must say so myself, it’s good.  I’m sure that once I start collecting rejection slips, I will feel differently.  But for just a moment, I’m going to bask in the glow.
So I’ve got a question for you writers in Writer-Land.  The plot  shares one plot point, there are a different number of scenes, the dialog isn’t the same, and I’ve written it with +7 more years of skill under my belt.  If I take this story and give it a different title, is it the same story, or is it a new story? 

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  1. muses_circle says:

    I’d say it would be considered a new story – just from the standpoint of there being so many major changes. The second draft would look vastly different from the first draft. (Or so I tell myself with some stories I’m working on…)

  2. jongibbs says:

    It’s both, but in a “this is way better than I could have written it seven years ago”, kind of way 🙂