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Sending stuff out again.

Written By: Tracy - Aug• 16•09

Found a little bitty 2,000 word story that I wrote last spring and hashed out with   and then forgot for some reason.  Made some last minute corrections and sent it out to Way of the Wizard. We shall see.

Also went this weekend to see a play entitled Herman’s Garage, which was written and directed by 

 .  I enjoyed it very much.  But it could be that It was because it was about writing, so I related to it. The play’s run has ended, otherwise I would reccomend that you go see it.  However, If your local theatre group is looking for a short, entertaining play to put on, I imagine you can contact Yard Dog Press about doing so.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been playing wii fencing with my husband.  It’s nothing like real fencing.  Just stating the obvious.

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  1. i wished i had got to see the play, heck i would have liked a program book for the play. Sigh oh well.

    Whats that are you saying that the wii fencing is not like the real thing. Next your going to say that guitar hero is not like realy playing a guitar. : )

    • Tracy says:

      I wish I knew that before I threw my program away, otherwise I would have saved it for you.

      *gasp* Guitar hero is nothing like playing the guitar? But . . . but . . . but . . .