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Dragon*Con scheduling update

Written By: Tracy - Aug• 19•09

Just got an update to my dragon Con schedule.  I’m scheduled for not one, but two readings.  The additional reading is on Monday. 

The Alternate History Track Reading is MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 11:30AM; Piedmont – Hyatt Regency Hotel

This will be a shorter reading.  The theme is ‘broads through time,’  I think I’ll have 4 minutes to read.  I will probably read a short (less than 2,000 words) story that I recently found after writing, editing and losing in April.  I’m calling it ‘the pirate and the ladies.’  I think it’s a fun one.

For the Sunday reading, I’ll be reading my ‘meet the wacky renassance scadian wedding planners’ scene from Bride of Tranquility.  I’ve been trotting that scene out enough that it usually gets a laugh when I do it.  I’ve practiced it enough that I may even do the affected French accent. 

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