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Rejection, Submission and other Stuff

Written By: Tracy - Aug• 23•09

In-Laws are off and it was a good weekend.  We maanged to get the house under control, and my husband stopped the shedding problem with the judicious application of the slurping hose attachment from the vaccume cleaner. That sounds so much worse than it is.  I promise, no dogs were harmed in the combing of this shedding mass. 

In other news, I recieved a rejection from The Way of the Wizard, at 7 days, this is slightly longer than the first rejection.  Should I happen to write another awesome magic user story between now and the close of the reading period, I may take another stab at it.

But it’s easy to take the sting out of rejection today.  A while back I had my first major sale, a short story entitled Fish Story that Esther Friesner liked for her monsters in suburbia antholgy series.  It’s online at the Baen website right now as a part of the free sample chapters for the anthology Strip Mauled. 

And in the words of that great writing sage Selina Rosen, Buy my book. 

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  1. wbledbetter says:

    I have one I’m getting ready to send to the “Way of the Wizard” antho too.

  2. Rejection and submission… ever notice a writers life sounds a lot like an S&M club? 🙂

  3. jongibbs says:

    NB: that was for Fish Story, not the rejection 😉