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Monday Math

Written By: Tracy - Nov• 30•09

Last night I went to see Ninja Assasin. Not by choice. This is what happens when you are along for the ride with your husband and his (mostly) male friends. Think the Crazy 88 scene played straight, and you have some idea what about 75 percent of the movie was about. The remaining 25 percent was the obligitory love story. If you go to see the movie, go with low expectations, and you may like it.

Today is November 30. Good luck to all of my friends who are feverishly working to complete their NANOWRIMO today.

Word count: 1,000 words of original fiction (Thanksgiving weekend was a bear. )
Stories out: 8 stories.

Also, don’t forget the Bride of Tranquility holiday promotion. Order my book from Yard Dog Press, and get stuff.

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  1. *chuckles* Action B movie love, its a guy thing. I’ve rarely met a girl who appreciates it.