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Monday Math after a visit to the dentist.

Written By: Tracy - Dec• 14•09

Today was actually pretty good, despite a trip to the dentist. I got up early, and was done with my assigned work by noon. Then I ran to the yarn store and the book store (have to feed the addictions) before going to the dentist to get the permanent crown cemented into place. This one is much nicer than the crown that it is replacing. This particular dentist made an effort to have it match my teeth and shape it so that it looked like a tooth instead of a wad of chewing gum.

I had a bonanza of rejections last week. One from Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, one from Fantasy Magazine and one that I’m considering back on the market because the magazine isn’t answering it’s mail.

Word count for last week: 3,000 And I’ve almost finished a nifty candy-cane striped Christmas scarf.

Finally, the obligatory plug: Don’t forget about the Bride of Tranqulity, Yard dog Press holiday promotion. Buy my book and win stuff.

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  1. muses_circle says:

    I do so like the scarf!