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Monday Math: Headed into the Home Stretch

Written By: Tracy - Dec• 21•09

Fiction words: 3,000 Stories out: 4

If you don’t hear from me much this weekend, I’m in a haze of work.  I’m trying to get extra writing in early this week so that I don’t feel compelled to work Thursday or Friday. 

If I don’t get the chance to say it later, have a happy holiday, folks.

And also?  This from artist  ‘s one-word art series for me. 

Also also?  Mel and Jerry and the rest of the crew from Don’t Quit your Day Job mentioned me in their post-Thanksgiving weekend podcast.   You should check out Mel’s story, Saber Dance, which is in Yard Dog Press’s Double Dog #3 along with Laura J. Underwood’s The Lunari Mask.  I’ve read both, and they are both fantastic reads 

Saber Dance could be best described as: What if D’Artagnan was female, and sent undercover as a belly dancer to rescue a kidnapped princess from a harem.  If I had to sum up The Lunari mask, I would say this: Imagine if a group of pirates had to tangle with a witch who was the combination of both Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg.  (my money is on the witches.)

Also 3?  Don’t forget about the Yard Dog Press/Bride of Tranquility Holiday Promotion.  You’ve got until Midnight, January 1 to order my book and possibly win stuff.  It’s nice stuff, too. 

ETA: Anyone know the  reason why LJ is erasing all return spacing when I make posts?

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