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Words on a Wednesday: In which my heroine shows chutzpah.

Written By: Tracy - Aug• 18•10

Just for the record? The action in this scene all takes place at this Central Park location:

This statue is about 11 foot tall. The cap of the largest toadstool is about waist high on an adult.

My husband hasn’t had time to edit this draft yet. So all grammar mistakes are mine. On with the story:

“One of the guys said he saw your sister,” Mr. Ed reported.

“Where?” Out of the corner of her eye, Celeste saw the weird, mantacore-like shadow of the statue grow a new limb.

“She was climbing on top of the Alice statue,” Ed said.

            Celeste leaped from her own toadstool and threw her cell phone straight at Alice without looking. She dropped to the ground and rolled under Alice’s mushroom.  Over her, Becky Sue’s voice blistered the air with curses. Celeste guessed that her sister – or that thing driving her sister – hadn’t expected the sudden assault.

            The phone clattered and slid down the side of the mushroom. As it dropped over the edge of the mushroom cap and into Celeste’s view, the weird, club-like weapon slammed into it, smashing the phone into the March Hare’s knee.

            Celeste flinched away as the device fell to the ground in a shower of pieces. She flattened herself against the mushroom stem. Above her, Beck sue slammed the tip of the weapon into the edge of the mushroom cap and dragged it along the rim. The shards of obsidian sent out sparks as they ground against the metal.

Then Becky Sue withdrew the weapon and stuck her head over the side. Her eyes looked like a big jungle cat’s: as if she was picturing the fastest way to bring Celeste down and tear out her throat.

She’s possessed, all right.

“Hi, Sis!” Becky Sue sounded drunk-cheerful.

“Hello.” Celeste crab-crawled around the stem of the mushroom to keep it between her and her sister.  “Why don’t you put down the museum’s tacky Aztec club-thingy before you break it?”

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