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Words on a Wednesday: More fun with Vampires!

Written By: Tracy - Sep• 22•10

Another writing demotivator courtesy of 101 Reasons to Stop Writing.

I haven’t been updating my Wednesday writing snippets. Partially because I’ve hit the dramatic part of the book, and I’m less eager to let those bits sneak out.  But I wrote something yesterday that was really fun, and I thought it would be safe to post.


Lucky watched in fascination. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a vampire do that,” he said.

“I’m a bit different from others of my kind,” Matteo said.

“Do any of your other vampire patrons come out into daylight?” Celeste asked.

“Most of them prefer to sleep in their native soil,” Lucky said.

“That part of the legends are true?” Celeste turned to Matteo.  “I didn’t see any zippy bags full of dirt in your duffel bag. There was a cooler full of blood.  Did you bring native soil with you?”

Matteo paused wrapping mid-wind with his head half-covered. “You went through my things?”

“Sorry,” Celeste winced. “Reporter’s instincts. I can’t help myself.”

“Obviously.”  He sighed.  Then he fished under his turtleneck and brought forth a vial on a leather thong that hung around his neck. “I was born in a marsh.  On a house built on stilts above the waters of Lake Texcoco. Vampires of my ilk need less native soil than land-born men.”

Celeste leaned forward for a better look at the vial necklace, but made no attempt to touch it out of respect. “This looks like one of those novelty necklaces that you put a painted rice grain in.”

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