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Author Spotlight: Egg on my face!

Written By: Tracy - Sep• 28•10

Normally on Tuesdays I try to post an interview with a fellow writer. Today’s Interview was supposed to be with Hunter Liguore of Sword and Saga Press. Unfortunately, when I went to write today’s article, I found that I had not yet sent the interview out.

In other words, all my ducks are not in a row.

I’ll re-schedule with Hunter and try to get that interview out sometime in the near future. Sorry guys!

Also, appropros of nothing, They’ve remade True Grit.  The trailers make it look good.

This interests me because the book and original movie is set in the city where I live (Fort Smith) and because my mother is a huge John Wayne fan. This is the Coen brothers, so you never know what you’ll get. Although I liked "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"

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