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Words on a Wednesday: Sledding downhill to the finish.

Written By: Tracy - Sep• 29•10

© Tracy S.Morris

Yes, I took that photo.  Kinda cool and abstracty.  The photo really fits the story, though. Here’s just a bit of what I’ve written recently. I’m on the downhill slide to the end of the book, now.


The door of the shotgun seat opened, disgorging an annoyed-looking Cacius. “I don’t need your help to open a simple padlock.”

 Celeste crossed her arms half to ward off the cold and half as a stubborn act of defiance.

“Have it your way,” Cacius said.  He turned his back on her and moved out to the locked gate.  She followed close enough to see him pull his wand from the sleeve of his wool topcoat.  He touched the tip of his wand to the end of the padlock where the keyport lay.  The bolt popped open and the gate swung free.  The screech that the hinges made in protest was lost to the howling wind.

Celeste grabbed the loose gate and pulled it aside so that Lucky could move the van through.  Then she re-fastened the gate. “This was why you needed me,” She said as she rubbed her dusty hands on her pants.  “So that you wouldn’t get those nice, Church-going clothes dirty.”

“You’re too kind,” Cacius said.  As they returned to the van, he paused to raise his wand into the air.  Celeste recognized the words to the Notice-Me-Not spell.  “In case the park rangers are awake,” He explained.

“As long as I’m not the one casting, then I suppose it won’t come back to haunt me too badly.”

“Thank you for lowering yourself,” Cacius sneered.

“And the vampire wondered why I have a bad attitude.” She said as she climbed into the vehicle.

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