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Anatomy of Promotion

Written By: Tracy - Sep• 30•10

I just got my royalties statement from Yard Dog Press today.  Not bad.  The numbers that really interested me (other than the ones on the check) were in the breakdown of what books sold, and where they sold.  I had a higher-than normal number of copies of Bride of Tranquility move on Amazon in the last 6 months. 

During that time period, I’ve read excerpts of the book on two podcast episodes of Broaduniverse’s show The Broadpod. I’ve also linked the story to my bio on short stories published online through Baen, and I’ve participated in a blog tour. I’m not sure which of these endeavors have been the most successful in attracting folks to the books. Especially since you are folks that I assume I have not talked to personally. I suspect the podcasts have been a part of it. Readers can actually hear for themselves that the book is a fun, silly, entertaining read. (who wouldn’t want to read a murder mystery set in a haunted hotel during a Renaissance wedding?)

Anyone out there who has gone to amazon for the book in the last 6 months?  I’d love to hear from you.

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