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Author Spotight: Michelle Muenzler, creator of cannibal princesses.

Written By: Tracy - Oct• 26•10

Today’s author spotlight is on Michelle Muenzler. Michelle is in the process of writing a novel, but has recently had a story entitled “On the Sweetness of Children” published by Daily Science Fiction. Michelle describes the story as “a cannibal princess story.”

Michelle said that the story came about after the birth of a friend’s child.

“In our YM conversations, Eric has always been represented by the monkey and his wife by the cow. So when Viviana was born, I had only two animals left to choose from on the YM icon list–the chicken and the pig! Thus was born Piggiana and the cannibal princess story to explain how she gained her name. Not that the princess is named within the story, but I know the truth…”

Michelle describes her work as dark fantasy with a twist of "literary schmiterary".

“Sometimes, I think my local writing group may want to strangle me, though, as I have a bad habit of writing short stories in present tense. Not all of my stories, but enough to be worthy of a gruesome death.”


She said that she has dabbled in most genre fiction including science fiction, sword and sorcery and high fantasy. 

“It is the new weird dark fantasy that stuck. This is probably a good thing since I had to retire my S&S and high fantasy stories from the submission cycle due to sheer hideousness.” Michelle said. Although one of her science fiction stories was recently published in Space & Time Magazine, issue 111.

Although Michelle likes to write dark fantasy, she said that her ideal working environment would be in the conditions found in outer space.

“I am horribly easily distracted, so the quieter it is, the better. In fact, if I could write in a vacuum, I totally would. Even better, the cats would be floating around uselessly and unable to throw themselves on my keyboard or distract me with their furry cuteness. Sounds productive to me. At least until the space dust particles breach the hull because I forgot to put the proper protective plating on my writing space station. Details, details, details…”

When she isn’t working on her novel, Michelle can be found trying to reclaim her backyard garden from the undergrowth.

“I mostly try spend my time being eaten by mutant bugs and avoiding the long reach of my basil behemoth,” Michelle said. “That is a rather new hobby, though–an experiment begun this year as I began the long process of recovering our backyard for the usage of all mankind. A woman can only live in a literal suburban jungle for so long before something must be done.”

Michelle said that the best thing that new authors can do is to experiment with their work to find their voice.

“If you spend all of your time writing what people tell you to write, then you’ll never figure out what it is you really want to write. Play around with present tense, with emotional distance, with framing. Play around with every genre and sub-genre that fascinates you. After a while, your voice should be popping off the page and running in crazy circles around the room while you squeal with glee at your keyboard.”


You can find Michelle on the web at her Facebook, twitter or livejournal.

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