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365 day project – Kiss The Cook 1/5/11.jpg

Kiss The Cook 1/5/11.jpg, originally uploaded by tracysmorris75. My wonderful hubby hard at work in the kitchen. I made him take a break to pose for a photo.

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365 Day Project -Spring blossoms 3/4/11.jpg

Spring blossoms 3/4/11.jpg, originally uploaded by tracysmorris75. These just started to bloom yesterday or today. I saw them for the first time on my way to the mail box.

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365 Day Project – Love note 3/3/11.jpg

Love note 3/3/11.jpg, originally uploaded by tracysmorris75. Hubby passed me a love note at dinner. Dawwww . . .

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Don’t Put All of Your Freelance Eggs in One Basket – A Cautionary Tale

I’m disabling comments to this article because I don’t want to participate in the great content mill debate. About 2 years ago, my job as a receptionist went away. Since I’ve got a sheepskin on the wall and a resume with a background in journalism, I dove back into freelance. One thing that the internet has […]

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365 Day Project – The Destroyer 3/2/11.jpg

The Destroyer 3/2/11.jpg, originally uploaded by tracysmorris75. I’ve been lax in moving my photos from flickr over to Livejournal. I’ll try to do better in the future. Today thanks to a certain press conference, my work productivity was completely shut down. As you can see by the reflection of my computer in the screen of […]

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Author Spotlight – Lee Killough – Vampires and Werwolves and World Building.

When it comes to world building, there aren’t many authors that are better at it than Lee Killough. Lee has written detective novels with vampires, ghosts and werewolf protagonists as well as an African quest novel. She is also the author of one of my favorite resources for world building, entitle Checking on Culture.    […]

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Midsouth Con 29 – My Schedule

I just got my preliminary schedule for Midsouthcon 29. Friday    5:00 PM   Writing Your Demographic – Is there a difference in writing for YA, Adult, or Senior readers? Saturday    1:00 PM    Street Corner – Readings and other performance artistry. Saturday    4:00 PM    Pro-Row –  Autograph Sessions Sunday    1:00 PM   Say What? –  Panelists talk about […]

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