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The Yard Dog Press Audio Roadshow Podcast – Episode 1-Sadly, No Interpretive Dance.

Written By: Tracy - Jun• 02•11

Welcome to tracy plays around with audacity the first ever podcast edition of the Yard Dog Press Traveling Roadshow.

Most Midwestern science fiction fans are familiar with the roadshow from our appearances at conventions. This is an attempt to bring the Yard Dog Press Traveling Roadshow to a wider audience.

During the roadshows, we offer skits, murder mysteries, readings set to interpretive dance, magic, mayhem, and a lot of fun. Although we can’t bring you the interpretive dance in the audio roadshow, we promise lots of mayhem.

In our inaugural episode, Melanie Fletcher reads her short story The Moon of Sensible Shoes from the Yard Dog Press anthology Flush Fiction. Then we recycle publisher Selina Rosen’s thoughts from her popular segment “Voices from the Yard,” which originally ran on The Dragon Page. Finally, Gloria Oliver reads to us from her short story “The Meaning of Life,” Which is also in Flush Fiction.

We hope you enjoy our attempt at recreating the roadshow. Even if there are no interpretive dancers.


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